Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Back in black - Magazine advert

This is our magazine advert for ACDC back in black.
We kept with the main theme as the digipack which was dark colours and fire. We done this to show a link between the two. We used the same fonts, this had created the same effect and graps teh audiences attention and stands out. We used an image of a guitar as our main focus this time to show what type of genre the music is and also what the audience will expect from the music. We put the guitar on some fire, this looks very interesting as it creates the 'rock' theme that we were aiming for. The 'back in black' text is in a bold white font to make it stand out against the band name, and so people wont forget what the song is called.
We believe that this magazine advert was quite successful as it gets the main information across to the audience. However, if we could redo it we would also try to make it more challenging for us. Such as add more text and play around with the layout and images.

Back in black - Digipack

This is the digipack that we designed for our one minute music video preliminary task.
We decided to have a picture of all three of us on the front as the main focus on a black background to make it stand out. We decided to have all three of us to show that we are a group with the main singer in the middle. This is effective because it lets the audience know what to expect from the music and the band. We done this by having our picture right in the middle taking up most of the surface area. We then decided to add the flames coming from the bottom of the digipack to go with the main theme of acdc being a rock band. We really like this idea because it gives a sense of what the music will be like and it is very eye catching. We left the 'Back in Black' clear to show the flames in the background because it looks better than being just a block colour and it shows off the font more. We have the 'ACDC' in a large font in the middle at the top with a white outer glow. It makes it stand out more and keeps with the dark colour scheme.
The back was kept simple with just a picture of one of the band player playing a guitar. This just gives a sense of what the music is going to be like. The picture has a filter to make the picture more interesting and appealing. Last of all we added some catchy text to make the audience want to buy the cd.
Overall, we feel that our digipack was very successful. however if we could change it we would try some more challenging things, such as more interesting layouts and filters.

Thursday, 24 June 2010


Some ideas that we are think about are:

- close up of guitar
- dark clothing
- more feminine
- flashing torches on instruments/ people
- dark room
- crazy hair e.g. wig?
- dark eye make up
- head banging
- one performance
- when the beat changes, have a different camera sot on the beat

ac dc

For our music video preliminary task we have chosen the song back in black by ac dc.
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